Biology of Poverty & Psychology of Wealth

If you are a Nigerian and you are not born into a family of great Wealth, the chances that you will be Wealthy is 0.000001%

In this free Video, I will

1. explain what happened,

2. why it happened (it has nothing to do with witches and wizards) and

3. How to come out of it (2Instincts for Wealth)

4. how you can protect your children from inheriting poverty.

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Listen To Wealthinaire Nuggets As Ugo Shares His Thought Along With Other Business Legends On The 6 Cardinal Points Of Wealth Creation


  • My mind has been shifted and I now know what to do to move my network marketing business to the next level because I have the blue print now. I thank you Mr Ugochukwu Omeogu. You are in another class of your own. You are not a regular guy or speaker. I can’t thank you enough for the sacrifice of knowledge. I am so grateful for the gift of you. Even if you offer your Masterclass at a Million Naira, I will pay over and over again to be there…..

    Emmanuel Dike
    Business Strategist, Sales and Marketing Expert
  • I am delighted to share with you my experience with a great mentor, not just any mentor but a super mentor. There are mentors but he is a SUPER Mentor and he is no other than Ugochukwu Omeogu. Before I joined his mentorship program, I had a lot of challenges in my business. After my encounter with him, my business took a leap for the better, company sales increased and I now do things differently. I want to say he is a great mentor that Nigeria even Africa would be happy to have. I want to tell everyone that Ugochukwu Omeogu ia an amazing mentor and coach…..

    Romeo Odey Oko
    1ST Yellow Diamond Norland Int’l
  • I knew Mr Ugochukwu Omeogu about 8 years ago while I was working in Fidelity bank. We had a training back then and he was one of the facilitators and that was how I connected to him. The training was so impactful that I longed to meet him again. He had training for my team and a lot of the team members who joined in via Zoom, commented on how their minds have been shifted. I want to encourage anyone who is listening or reading this to plug into his training platform because you will benefit a lot, as I and my team have…….

    John Mukoro
    CEO, Esecares Global Ltd
  • I have known Mr Ugochukwu for over 5years now and he is someone I have come to admire greatly. His leadership skill is impeccable and also, one of the things that struck me about him is his selfless nature in sharing the knowledge he has acquired over the decades. He is someone that has inspired a lot of young entrepreneurs to achieve greatness and of course, he has impacted my life positively. He has supported the Lifestyle Hub project and he believes in the vision.

    Abioye Oke
    CEO Lifestyle Asset Hub
  • I must say that I have gotten much more value than I envisaged at this retreat. It was more than phenomenal, more than life changing for me. When I saw his name as one of the speakers for this retreat, I told myself that I must not miss his session. His teaching on wealth creation and Vision blew my mind because it was so deep. I can’t wait for people to encounter him in his class. He is not just here to do business but to impact lives and those are the types of leaders I follow…..

    Shirley Hills
    Executive Management Consultant and a Business Resilience Coach
  • It’s been a fantastic experience ever since I met Mr Ugochukwu Omeogu about 7 years now. He is an amazing person. One thing I can say about him is, when you first meet him, you encounter true value and when you leave, your life will never remain the same. The depth of his wisdom and the integrity of his Conscience bring about a transformation in your life ……

    Hyeladi Haruna
    Chancellor Progenesis Business School, CEO Lux villa and Homes
Ugochukwu Omeogu

Meet Ugo

Ugochukwu Omeogu is a workplace attitude and peak performance expert, a business mentor and an investment specialist. A career and life coach, an Investment Knowledge Specialist, he’s the Chief Visionary Officer of MERIGNOS CONSULTING AND MENTORING LTD. Ugochukwu Omeogu’s mentoring and coaching experience and skills were developed in JP Morgan Chase Bank in the USA where he was the lead facilitator in the performance management review team(PMR). He has trained for JP Morgan Chase bank USA, American Embassy, Angel Foundation USA, Zenith bank, Fidelity bank, Eco bank , Polaris bank Etc. His expertise in innovative business building was invaluable to creating the private banking of one of the leading banks in Nigeria. He runs private Mentoring Programs for Businesses and Corporate Executives of Fortune 500 Companies.

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