It's Time To:

  • Put An End To The FEAR
  • Build the courage to Follow Your Heart
  • Do what you must in order to Live Your Dream.
In this Session with the Legendary ERIC WORRE

Have you ever been put in a situation in your business where the fear of regret and potential loss cripples you, makes you procrastinate and stops you on your tracks from talking to that prospect, following up on that contact or making that huge sacrifice that would take your business to the next level?

It even stops you from setting big goals or dreaming bigger?

You’re stuck recycling the same old knowledge and technique; waiting for the next massive event to jumpstart your motivation?

You might have come so far in life and done well for yourself but deep within, you know that you can do more….


We have all been there…

I had polio 1 year six months after I was born and have had to work on crutches for over 45 years, you bet I had more reasons than anyone on Earth to fear the unknown… what would happen to me if I was stuck in a life or death situation and I didn’t have my crutches? How would I be able to succeed, build a business without legs? 

If success was about healthy limbs I did not qualify to succeed

I developed the courage when I became aware – through knowledge-understand that my mind has the power to make me… 

Something happened to my mind and I have been unstoppable ever since…

  • 2 time Top Global Earner in  2 Network Marketing Companies… 
  • Built one of the largest knowledge-based MLM teams in the companies all from Nigeria in Africa while also teaching and training teams in different countries all over the world. 


I have made it a mission to guide those who dare to go down the road I took …The Road  from Crutches to Cruises. 

I am not alone in this journey…

With me at this event, a Phenomenal Woman Anne Turnbull who’s story of Love and Courage was felt all the way to the other end of the world, far from her comfort zone. 

Anne took the tough road and burnt the bridges. Redefined what it means to have the courage to follow your heart in Network Marketing.

If you are afraid to take the next step in your business, here is someone who jumped head-on into the challenge in the heat of Government regulations not to come to Africa, she defied the odds and moved permanently to Africa to build her business but most importantly to build the people. 

In this Mini-Masterclass with Eric Worre, Anne and I will be sharing our Story of Courage and reveal to you the source of the inner strength with which we defiled the odds  and you can tap from the source. 

This is not all… Joining the Masterclass gives you

  1.  access to VIP POST – EVENT Q&A Session with Me & Anne 
  2. A free Mind shifting course on the secrets behind my Recruitment 

Its all my gift to you…