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The Story of Ugo's Becoming ....The Wealthinaire Journey

Ugo’s Story

If success was about hustle and physical strength, I did not qualify to be WEALTHY...


I was born with little chances of making it, my mother told me that story. I still remember it…she said “We were sure you wouldn’t make it through the night, the doctor said so. Your body was very frail and mangled from the polio. We had done all we could and we had given up. But each time you cried out, there was something forceful in your voice, we knew you were a fighter and somehow, you survived the night” 

Growing up as a child, I didn’t think anything was wrong with me until other kids told me that my legs looked funny and I was walking too slow.

I survived the polio but my legs did not…I’ve had to live with the paralysis, on crutches, for over 40 years.

When I came to the age of reason, I had a flurry of questions running through my mind. Why am I this way? Why is It that my other siblings are all physically fit while I am physically challenged? My parents had no answers to why the vaccine did not work on me .

On one occasion when I tried to use my legs as an excuse to dodge household chores my father said to me “Ugo nwa m, ihe mere gi n’ukwu, o meghi gi n’uburu” that is to say “Ugo my son, what happened to your legs did not affect your brain”

From childhood I had to battle to defile all the labels of physical disability, I  needed to prove that I could do anything, that my physical challenge was not a limitation so I was forced to use my brain to came up with ways to succeed and stand out, I would always devise a strategy to prove myself. I rejected any special consideration”or labels that came with “For the Disable”.

I didn’t have the legs to compete physically, all I had at my disposal was my wit and brain. So what I lacked in physical strength I had to make up for it’s in mental strength.

A Vital Lesson in personal leadership…

 A significant event I recall was as a child was when my brothers would prepare for school and I would also put on my uniform arguing that I must go to school too. But school was over a mile on foot. By the time  we got to the gate of our house I could no longer walk the distance so I sat there, at the gate, till they returned from school. I would hold their hands and we would go into the house together.

That was how hungry I was to go to school. I continued like this, until one day, a helper arrived at our gate...

A man who I didn’t know had been observing me stopped by and asked me “ Young man, why are you always here”.  I said :”I want to go to school.” 

He asked  “Okay, how do you plan to do that?”

I replied “I don’t know”

That morning seeing me again seated on the floor outside our gate under the scorching sun, he took me by the hand and went in to meet my father. 

He told my father “I take this road to work every morning and I always see him in uniform playing on the floor in front of your gate”. 

My father told him about my situation and he asked my father to allow him to take me to school everyday since the community school was along his way.

And that was my first escape from poverty…I never knew who he was, but I owe him my education.That was a breakthrough moment for me.

That day I learnt a lesson on personal leadership; 

If I hadn’t moved from my father’s house to the gate that man wouldn’t have noticed me. I came outside consistently and long enough for someone to notice me and the rest was history. That changed my perspective. And I realize that I must always take a step, no matter how intimidating any situation looks. Once I take the first step, help will always come in one form or another.

God took my legs but he created an alternative… on this fateful day, I discovered the alternative to my legs

One day while driving my car along Wetheral Street Owerri, I saw a new car coming in the opposite direction, and all of a sudden, the tyre of the car busted and the driver pulled over to the road side, something in me told me to stop and observe.

The driver pulled over, came out of the car, went to the booth, got out some tools and a spare tire and replaced the bad tyre with the spare tyres. Something hit me there, AN EUREKA MOMENT, A PARADIGM SHIFT

I said to myself “If Man in his little wisdom can produce  a brand new car with brand new tires and include a spare tire, knowing that there is the possibility that any of the tires can burst or go flat. God in his infinite wisdom must have put a spare leg somewhere for me”.

Something else in that encounter affected my perspective concerning my circumstances. 

After the tyres burst, the first thing the driver did was to pull over, come out of the car and head to the boot to bring out the spare.

Ting! Another gush of insights. 

I said to myself, “If something happens to me on the outside, I have to take myself out of the public, reach into my mind, and bring  out an alternative. It means that I can create an alternative in my mind to make up for whatever I lack physically”

From that day on I became conscious that I’ve a mind and I have been given a mental factory in which I can create  the life I want if I develop it. To create the alternative, I need to develop my mind into the Million Dollar Mind that can create any alternative I want in life and to do so I needed the right  tools …Eternal knowledge was the answer.

Immediately, I began to study to develop my mind but It wasn’t until many years later after almost losing my life in a ghastly motor accident I came to that point where  I made the decision to retreat in search of eternal knowledge.

That was when my journey to wealth creation began…

Mentors Made a way for me.… The shortest cut to success is through mentorship

No outlier is a self made man…Mentors have laid the path to my success. The hunger for knowledge, for a wealthy mind, had been ignited but it took different people along my journey at different seasons of my life, to channel this fire and give it form and expression.

How was I,a young man with physical disabilities, able to get into JP MORGAN CHASE BANK to build a career as an Investment Banker and Tax Consultant? 

The answer is Mentorship

On arrival to the USA in 2004, after passing all evaluation processes, I was given an option for welfare housing. Knowing the quality of life I wanted to build, I rejected it because “…”

From my arrival I began to sporadically consume any information I could find about the history, work and culture of the USA and the only place I could get that information in abundance was the library so for the next 4 month on arrival I was a regular at the …Library in….. That was how I got introduced to my Mentor Mr.Charlie.

At 65years and a retiree and Career Consultant Mr charlie taught me everything I needed to know about getting a job in the US. He walked me through the employment process and gave critical advice I would never have found in any book. 

Charlies was my unfair advantage and the lessons I learnt from him were  invaluable to my survival and success in the corporate world.

Under his mentorship I became an Investment Banker trained in customer service, leadership and organizational strategy at JPMorgan Chase Bank. I also became certified as a certified tax specialist in the United States.

We created products for business owners, Increased their efficiency rate and  multiplied their bottom line.With that result, I became the lead facilitator of the Performance Management Review team. My role was to duplicate and monitor the systems we have developed across all branches in JP MORGAN CHASE Bank.

In less than 4years I rose to Regional Group Leader with World Lending Group in Dallas where I functioned as the Lead Loan Originator and senior customer relationship manager while working closely with my mentor.

As of 2013 the United States recorded an average of 13000 new Millionaires in dollars every month. I found out in my stay in America that there were over 4500 Mentoring Unit where successful entrepreneurs mentor upcoming entrepreneurs and students on business growth motivation and success.

In America, I saw men create something out of nothing. I had witnessed and played a huge part of a complete creation process-from idea conception to finished product and system duplication-several times.

My mind had been exposed to creation and that knowledge was a tool I needed to create blue oceans in business and investment. 

It’s impossible to understand creation and not create. 

The natural thing to do was to go to my own environment and create business solutions so I returned to Nigeria to work as a senior manager in Access Bank where I helped establish and set up the Private Banking arm.

It was in this process I had my life’s turning point.

The Turning Point

Those who change the world are not in the street… (MY FAmine  Season Began)

But something needed to happen. I knew a 9 to 5 job could  not give me the life I wanted, I knew I could do more but I also knew deep down that what I knew was not enough to create the vision I have. 

I and my colleagues had set up the private banking arm of Access bank and were going to different states to duplicate the system we had created and train their staff to man the new department.

We were in Porthacourt at the time. My friend and I were in a brand new… when suddenly we.. and the car began to somersault. The car swiveled off the road and landed in a ditch inside the bush. Eye witnesses couldn’t believe anyone could make it out alive, the car was completely wrecked!

Gratefully we had our seatbelt on;  that was the difference between life and death for us.

There in that mangled car crash, moments before I was rescued, I told God, “If you could save me from this then I can do anything. I must find my purpose and live my vision” I made up my mind to quit my job and find my purpose.

I took 2 years off to retreat: I set out deliberately to learn how to create wealth, and then after a few months, I was hell broke.

I rented a house in Akowonjo in Lagos where I buried myself in research and study beginning even from the elementary basics of knowledge.

When I was In America, on The dollar bill I saw the phrase “In God we trust” on the currency of the largest economy in the world. I wanted to understand the God Concept and how It related to wealth creation. 

Within this period I employed a Pastor to teach me the bible and within 3 months I had learnt everything he had to teach and went ahead to study my bible from cover to cover 17 times, not to open a church or preach but to discover this Concept of God In Man,to understand the wealth secrets from the perspective of the bible and that was the game changer. 

I delved deeper into the works of great authors and stretched and searched deeper into my mind to create alternatives to many challenging situations in life, relationships and business.

I found that there are 3 levels of knowledge one Must Know to create wealth, I discovered the fundamental concept of vision, wealth, goals, mindset, entrepreneurship; the holistic process of building the man who builds the business.

I integrated these discoveries with my many years of experience and training in leadership and organization strategy, customer service and holistic value chain management both in the US and Nigeria 

The result was Premium Knowledge for building generational Wealth developed and sequentially organized into courses and modules. I called this WEALTH EDUCATION

This was my famine season.  In that obscurity I tested out what I have learned by doing training and workshops for several banks. My client -top executives, business consultants, high networth individuals, corporations and banks- came to me for executive advice with problems they have. I designed solutions for them and created products that went on to make hundreds of Millions for my clients right from my bed room. 

Some consultants took my teachings to land huge training deals and made millions of naira. The news spread and after 2 years It was time to face the world again… 

The Transformation Until what you know becomes what you do you don't know anything.. It was time to make my knowledge useful to others

As a Wealth Creation expert and business  consultant,  the offset of that retreat and knowledge, led to different companies being set up. I built several companies, one of which deals with business strategy through mentoring and consulting; JOSEPH CONSULTING AND MENTORING, a career development and Coaching Company.

Based on what I learned in the process and the huge result we were getting, I was able to teach people how to repeat the same process through my Private executive mentoring and coaching programs for Top Executives and corporate institutions.

Fundamentally, once you understand the laws that guide any action, you can teach it to others. People can transfer virtues to other persons, and they can produce the same result and that was what I did first on a corporate level since I had a solid corporate background. 

I facilitated management and business trainings in Customer Service, customer relationship management, sales and marketing techniques, change management, marketing communication. It was a complete value chain management training . 

Amongst my clients were MTN, SHELL, Fidelity Bank, Zenith Bank, EcoBank Plc, IEI, Staco Insurance, Access Bank, US Embassy, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Century Energy Services limited (An Oil and Gas Company), Seplat Oil, Angel Foundation USA, Itex Integrated Software and systems limited, Neimeth Pharmaceuticals Federal Ministry of Finance in Nigeria, Ghana and Overseas.

The result was hundreds of Millions of dollars in revenue from business solutions generated through the application of wealth education and from working with them to build systems and structures in their businesses and mine.

We were creating such huge success till one day, I received a mandate

Impact Over Income 

Until what you know is useful to someone else what you know is useless…

Then one day, I was robbed by four able bodied guys who pointed a gun to my head and shouted, “where’s the money”, I was confused and said in my mind, “these guys do not know that rich people do not keep Cash in the house. Most of our monies are in assets and investments. Besides they did not need a gun to rob me, all they could have done was to take my crutches and I would be disabled even from walking…”

It was obvious that they had a brain but they weren’t using it. 

Anyways I gave them my ATM card and PIN number for them to withdraw money from my account. Later that night, they shot a pharmacist who resisted them when they wanted to take his money. 

It was then I resolved to democratize my Knowledge of Wealth creation among various classes of individuals, to make wealth education available to the lower class because I know that if the thieves had known better, they could have done better. And if the pharmacist had diversified his business and put his money in different assets and investments, he would not have tied his money to his direct efforts and wouldn’t have tried resisting the robbers because he would have the knowledge to produce more than he can ever lose. 

people steal because they don’t know that they can create what they stole…

Usually a two hour session with me cost $5,000 If you want me to mentor you for 2 months that’s $15,000 now.

Impacting the youths was foremost in my mind so I designed the Train-the-Trainers mentoring program adopted by Lagos state government  for secondary School Teachers and went ahead to create a program for Corp Members in conjunction with National Youth service Corp where Corp Members can access knowledge and training to mold them into the next generation of business leaders through coaching and mentorship in wealth education and career and entrepreneurship.

I took this desire for Impact even a step further but it took a chance encounter to set the ball rolling in the next direction…

The Manifestation….Another Mentorship Journey…

I was doing really well in my consulting business as well as other impact programs I had set in motion. I was making tens of Millions of naira every month but was soon to have an encounter that would redefine my vision and redirect my path for the next 7 years till date. 

I was introduced to a business leader in the Multilevel Marketing industry who became an Industry mentor to me. 

That fateful day and for many days after, he flew in from the US and was introduced to me through a mutual friend. He told me about his opportunity but most importantly he asked me “ Ugo, I know you are a very successful consultant”making millions every month but tell me, if something happened to you,if you stopped coaching, would you still be financially secure?”

He showed me how much he had achieved with his opportunity and the amount of Impact I could achieve with it. I told him “ Only if you would teach me”. He agreed to show me everything he knows and work with me in building the business.

That day I did not join the business opportunity, I Joined David Imonitie. It was an adventure I was about to embark upon, an adventure that took me to the world stage as top 1 Global Earner World Wide multiple times but to achieve this I needed a vehicle.

MDBC (Million Dollar Business Club)

In my first year I devoted myself to learning about the business, I encountered challenges to which I created alternatives. I continued with my regular teaching and training and people were coming to me because of the value of my knowledge and what they were using the knowledge to create in their lives. 

The result was a community based learning platform, my organization; the Million Dollar business Club, built on a foundation of knowledge and continuous learning and set up with systems and processes that helped members of the community benefit from the company compensation plan while building their life and personal businesses.

The million dollar business club is for people who are interested in having enough time to work on their dreams, as opposed to working for money. It’s a place where you can learn about  how to run different business models while making your money work for you in thoroughly vetted investment platforms so you can have more time to do the things you love.

Million dollar results

In the first company we adopted, Organo Gold, a Coffee Company, in less than a year, I generated more income than anybody else who invested in the company and was given a record breaker Award. At that time the company was in 46 countries. Based on my understanding of the laws of creation I raised more leaders than anybody else in the entire world, where the company is located, and made some income than anybody else. Also, at that time, people thought it was just happenstance, some kind of event that just happened. 

I ventured into business with another company that deals in Gold, SwissGolden and in less than four weeks, I generated more income than anybody in the world and became Top 1 Global earner world wide. 

This proved that if you really understand the laws that guide in earth, you can alter the conditions that led to the laws, because every law, there are conditions and as I stated, if you can alter those processes, you are going to alter the outcome, to your favor, in any area.

When people call me a Business Mentor, I tell them “I am not a business mentor.  Business mentoring is one of the things I do, I’m much more than that. I’m fundamentally an creative being, I get into different aspects of life to produce results based on the fundamental principles of creation. 

So I went ahead to create quite a lot of businesses. I’ve done businesses in real estate training Forex, coffee, gold, I bought some companies, built them up and sold them.”

Now I’m onto something even bigger… WORLD IMPACT

The Mandate

THE Wealthinaire Masterclass

During my years in building organizations in the network Marketing Industry, I documented what worked and what did not. I understood why it worked and I reproduced the result many times.

Since then many network marketing companies have come to me suggesting partnership but I am set for impact for the entire industry not just one company. I’ve gotten to the global stage several times and now I want more … I have been there, done that and I understand the ins and outs of how it works to the core.

Now, I have set out to raise leaders in different companies in Africa whom I can show the secrets to my immense success in the network marketing industry and guide them to the world stage to become Top 1 earners while also making my knowledge  of wealth creation available to businesses and individuals outside the Network Marketing industry.

This dream birthed my goal to Put 5 Africans On the MLM Global Stage as Top World Earners through my Masterclass and Mentorship THE WEALTHINAIRE MASTERCLASS and MENTORSHIP.  A movement  I call PAFOM (Putting Africa on the Map)

PAFOM….The Arbitrage

I am on a journey that will revolutionize the way network marketing is done and perceive forever..THIS IS MY LEGACY

Business Consultant and Wealth Creation Expert

Ugo training top executives, high networth individuals and entrepreneurs ….
MDBC…..The Hub of business conception and delivery

Business Community Builder

Ugo, Building a community of knowledge  focused wealth minded people with millions of dollars in revenue from their personal businesses and from investment platforms.


With Premium knowledge on wealth education dished out in large domes and executive classes with the creme dela creme of society in attendance,Ugo raised leaders to heights of recognition, ready to take the knowledge of wealth creation throughout the country. 


Within a year the community MDBC had spread all over the country doing volumes in monthly inflow for the MLM companies with which it was in partnership.

Record Breaker and Top 1 Global Earner Awards

Ugo was recognized world wide and given the Award of Rank Breaker for breaking the global records in his first MLM Company.

Ugo rose up the ranks to Top 1 Global earner in 4 weeks of Joining his second MLM company. Learn More

Sold Out Business Masterclasses

Wealthinaire Masterclass… Building leaders for Success in Network Marketing

Ugo curated the Wealthinaire Masterclas to fill the vacuum of knowledge in the MLM Industry. The Masterclass Series set out to correct false assumptions and wrong practises that have left many network marketers stuck in running the business. 

In the Masterclass, Ugo teaches a new way to succeed in MLM by sharing deep knowledge and hidden secrets behind how he got to Top 1 Worldwide in Multiple MLM Companies. The Masterclasses cover Recruitment, team building, leadership and system building and wealth education.

Premium Wealthinare Mentorship Sessions

In the Wealthinare mentorship, Ugo works with you to build your business blueprint and takes you by the hand while You build Your brand, Your team  and Your network marketing business.


Impacting The People, Changing Lives

Ugo taking Wealth Education to the grassroot through his foundation, NYSC Entrepreneur Mentorship Program and Train the Trainer Programs designed for Secondary student and Teachers In Lagos State.