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Need for money and Value for Money

When your need for money drives you to make money outside the value creation process …Your ability to return back to the part of value creation is gone.

The process of wealth creation comes from a process of value creation.

Value creation demands a level of self improvement, a process that stretches you and redefines your personality, experience and appetite so that when the money shows up as a result of the value you have produced you become a different more advanced person than you were before the money.

That money, the result you have produced from you value creation process, gives you a sense of significance, confidence triples, your self identity becomes solid and your character is built.
The dignity and discipline from that experience cannot be valued in monetary terms, it builds your personal value assets. That process in itself fills a void in every Man, Your Ego; its reward is who you become in the process. That reward to your ego is as important as the monetary reward in your bank account, the money is an end product a physical manifestation of the reward of who you have become.

When money comes to you without that value creation process, You bypass the process of self recreation required to create the value to demand that money and because the natural process of reward is not complete you begin to use money to try to fill that void.
That is why those who engage in get rich quick schemes, yahoo boys that hit, politician that exploit their position, try to find the reward for their ego by buying cars, houses, women in a bid to satisfy that self relevancy that can only be found in the process of value creation.

When your need for money drives you to make money outside the value creation process …Your ability to return back to the part of value creation is gone.
And because you have gotten used to the reward of what money can buy and all the good things of life, you depend on money to fill the void of value creation, to pay your ego, you develop a Money-centric Addiction…Money for Money Sake.
The more you depend on money without value to fill that void, the higher your addiction to the money satisfaction to your ego and the lower your ability to follow a value creation process to create value for money.

Your ability to return back to the creation process is gone.

Like a larva that dies because it was helped out of its cocoon, when money shows up without creating the value that made it show up, your ability to create value that will produce money is crippled.

That is why when that money stops flowing, those on Money Addiction will do anything unethical to make sure they have money; kidnap, steal, kill because the file to create what they stole is missing from their brain, it was never imprinted, the value creation muscles were never built.

Same can be said for Power without the due process of getting to power. Power Addiction and Violation of the laws of process to get power.
When you get to the top without process, don’t look down cos its a long long way to fall and the fall is sure.

At the end…Man was made to create in the likeness of the His Creator.
If your Eden shows up without your 6days of Work , you don’t have an Eden, you have a burning bush and one day it will consume you.