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Networking For Growth

In the choice of people we meet, social status plays a much bigger role than we understand or give it credit. It plays a role in every decision we make; what we choose to buy or sell, the type of course we want to study or we want our children to study, the type of cars we drive, what we wear, the house we live in or aspire to live in, who we choose to marry.

The need to advance our Status is engineered deeply into our emotions so much that without thinking of it we choose to be or not be, have or not have according to what side of the status advancement scale we perceive that decision will land us.

Even your decision to join MLM; you bought into what the opportunity can do for you and you were willing to suffer a temporary loss of status to achieve a higher reward of greater status increase in future
Somewhere inside our minds, we always ask these that question when we make choices “Will this thing or person make me look good before my peers? Will it give me a better advantage or rank me higher above my equals?”

It is the same with people we choose to associate with. People come in different levels, I call it Level 1 -10, 10 meaning high up in social status (quality of life, education, riches, connection, power…) and 1 meaning people on the lowest level in social status. I would not mean society because the word society means different things to different people, society evolves but the perception of status remains the same.
“We become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with” is not a fantastical or mythical saying , it is what it is and you have heard of this saying many times I assume. That is true because the law of average
Everyone will remain constantly on one level until he shares physical and mental space long enough with a person or persons in a different class. In doing so we learn and adapt physical and mental Behaviors