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Wealthinaire Way; The lost art of wealth creation

Who is a Wealthinaire?

Wealthinaire is a concept I developed in my journey to wealth creation. It flows directly from the concept of wealth. 

The related question is what is Wealth?

Wealth is a summation of your virtues. All the natural endowments God has given to you, constitutes your wealth, the same way the natural resources of a country constitute the wealth of that country. However, these natural deposits do not become riches until you develop them.

So, a Wealthinaire is someone who has all the natural endowments of God – character, integrity, and discipline with his morality intact and at the same time has all the flowing assets and riches in his life and business.

Accordingly, a Wealthinaire is someone who is not compromising his character, integrity, and discipline in the act of making money. You can be a billionaire or multimillionaire –which means you have a lot of money but may not possess a good character. The Wealthinaire concept embraces both your virtues and at the same time allows you to be as rich as you can be.

But to understand the Wealthinaire concept you need to understand wealth creation within this context.

Wealth creation is a science I have taught in my business sessions within my private mentorship for years: Concept of Wealth Creation and Wealth Creation Processes.

Wealth creation is your ability to convert your virtues into something that the earth can give economic or social value. It is the process of value creation that results from the development of your innate virtues.

If this is you in Network marketing or any other industry, studying and growing to create wealth not by cutting corners but by developing your intrinsic virtues into values, with which you can attract and build a network and create wealth, then you are on a journey to Wealth Creation through your chosen vehicle.

Once you have arrived at your financial goal and achieved your dreams through these value based practices -The Wealthinaire Way- You become a Wealthinaire.