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Fundamentals of Prospecting: How to prospect without hurting your relationships and get a “Yes”

I think sometimes people use gimmicks to invite people MLM events, which is not very honorable but what I can suggest to you is this:

To invite people to honor an invitation you need to do some level of profiling, which means to understand the person you are trying to invite, understand his areas of need, what they are interested in, what they consider important… so as to see if the business opportunities you are trying to invite them to represent value to them. Connect it to something they consider valuable.

The challenge most people have is that they invite prospects to events that they do not connect to and when these prospects get there they are wondering what they are doing at that meeting.
Beyond just having the notion of inviting people to a program, I want you to be more concerned about the person’s areas of Interest, the person’s areas of need, and make sure that the person will benefit from the program based on their interest before you make the invitation.

Connect the content of that event to something that represents value to that person, prepare their receptivity before inviting them to the program, cultivate the land before planting the seed.

In that way you are not just concerned about inviting people to the BOMs, you are concerned about the person receiving value from the meeting/event /program when they come.

You will find out that you don’t have to invite everyone to a program, only people to whom it represents value, so you can stop burning relationships and losing friends.

I will give you an example from my program; sometimes people are invited to my program that where they are in their lives in the human evolution, in their growth and journey to wealth creation, where they are and where I am, they cannot afford to be in my sessions, they don’t have the means and wherewithal to be in my program so they cannot join my business. The must qualify on these 3 front

  1. Do they have a need I can solve?
  2. Do they have the means to afford my business?
  3. Are they the type of people in terms of skills, personality etc that can be valuable to me?

So the truth is it is not enough to be concerned about bringing people to an event if you have not done due diligence on positioning them to benefit from the event. Period.

You should be concerned instead about the people you are inviting, to see where they are in their lives,:

Are they at the point where they need money? meaning that money is an issue for them
Why money are they having money problems?
is it that they lack skills, the exposure, the connections, you want to know what it is they need, then you can match that particular program/event/meeting to that particular need

So don’t just be interested in bringing people to events, I want you to be into people, build good relationships with people and find out where they are in their lives, what they need;
Is it money? Is it connection? Do they need to belong to a group of people who think like them? Do they need some kind of advice or therapy? Are they facing some issues they need someone to listen to them?
If you find out what it is that they want, what their interests is and why they are having that issue, you can analyze the value proposition of your business opportunity and see how the opportunity can fill that need and match that opportunity to the need.

The natural thing is that they will have some kind of curiosity to see how they can benefit from the meeting and once you achieve induced-curiosity and anticipation, it takes care of whether or not they will show up because they will.
You have given them a reason to be interested and so they will show up.

But you don’t want to invite people and they walk in and feel disappointed that this is not what they want. even though it is a wonderful program that’s not where they are in their life.
Some people are at a level of survival, they are trying to make ends meet, if you invite them to a program of wealth creation… wrong place to go
Thoes people need a job, a place they can go today and get paid in a month!
They’re thinking about money to pay rent, money for school fees… wealth creation process is a journey it’s not an instant outcome.
So if the premise for the invitation was on instant result if they join, if they come their life will change, their life will change in what circumstance? Are they going to get money immediately? Or will their orientation about money change? Are they going to learn new skills?

Once you’re able to determine what value you can give, if you invite them on that premise, it would be appropriate to them and they will appreciate it.

But the challenge is that most networkers invite prospects to programs with ulterior motives for their own individual benefit not for the good of the person that is invited. That’s the problem. If I invite you to a church you not expecting money, you are going to meet God, to get a miracle.

So you need to think about your motive before you invite. Get it right with the ground work and your prospecting will bear fruit.