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Wealth Philosophy

Anytime you receive help from someone without giving something in return, you are indebted to that person and will have a feeling of indebtedness – the law of polarity.

Recently I was in a mentoring session with one of my long time mentee, I’ll call him Ahmed, who is doing very successfully well and he told me about something he did when he was managing a business transaction he had with a couple of business partners.
He received a Mercedes S-Class 2020 as collateral for his investment and had to sell it off to pay his business partners who contributed towards the investment.

Apparently he didn’t want to drive the car and selling the car wasn’t the best option at the time because a favorable buyer, at the cost it was going for, was not forth coming.

So he decided to do something that initiated the law of polarity unknown to him.

This mentee sort out a very high standing well respected government official whom he got to meet through an introduction. He got an appointment with this politician who had lots of cars of that nature and he did something this man had never seen anybody do.

One evening, Ahmed went into the office of this politician, explained the circumstances surrounding the car and said “Sir, I know that I don’t have any interest in driving such a car and even if I sell it, it’s not enough for what I want to do so I have come to give this car to you because I know that this car is more befitting of your status and will find better use if it is with you than if I use it… Sir, kindly accept this car as my personal gift to you”
Definitely this is the last the solution that will come to the mind of any same human being but you cannot imagine the debt of gratitude he incurred by this act of wisdomic generosity.
One night at about 1AM, few days after the event had occurred, the politician called Ahmed “Hello Ahmed, are you in town…find your way wherever you are and come to the Villa immediately…”
When Ahmed arrived few minutes later, he found this honorable man in his night wear pacing across the living room with arms behind his back, deep in thought. What happened next was a perfect definition of the law of retaliation as this honorable had been struck with the feeling of huge indebtedness and could not rest until the debt had been paid.

The politician beckoned on Ahmed to the come closer and said “In all my years I have never seen anyone have the courage to do what you did…I can’t let you go unrewarded” then he motioned Ahmed to pick up the item on the center table of the living room. Right on top of the table was a brown envelope containing documents, a gift that Ahmed could never have expected, worth more than double the best price of the car…
Many successful people find themselves at the giving end in their interaction with their fellow individuals; there is always one person who needs a favor, another who needs help.
The law of Polarity like the Law of retaliation explains that I show you have to treat me by the way I treat first, we return ‘in kind” that which we receive, the law of polarity ensure that we receive in kind what we give.

Be sure not to get into the debt of anyone to whom you are not willing to return in kind the debt of gratitude. Once you are in debt of gratitude be honorable to reciprocate even if the other person is not expecting anything of you, show gratitude.