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You CANNOT prosper without opposition, and here’s why…

Oppression is a natural force of life. Here is why you should embrace it.

Any time you attempt to rise against mediocrity, against poverty, there would always be a resistance force: Internal and external.

The Internal resistance is that internal block your brain puts up because you are not yet familiar with that new life you want to live, not yet familiar with the solution to the problem you want to solve your mind has not been exposed to that.

The neuro-pathway for the disciplines of wealth creation has not been created in your brain, the file that contains the answer to that question has not been encoded in your brain and so it puts up a resistance. “I don’t know how to do this” becomes “I can’t do this, this is not for me”
Because of fear of the unknown, because of doubt, discomfort-as a result of the empty file-your brain will create a resistance to change, to doing the things you know you should do but just can’t get yourself to do.
Internal resistance is what stops you on your tracks when you feel you lack the courage to take the next step to doing things differently because you don’t know how or where to start.

You must understand that internal resistance is natural because the natural instinct hardwired into our brain is that of survival, to flee from the unfamiliar, from the uncomfortable. Internal resistance is good when you know it for what it is…you don’t have the file in your memory so you will struggle. You will struggle because what you know is not enough to manifest what you desire. It is okay to struggle but understand that you only have to struggle until your brain becomes familiar with the process so keep at it till you master the process and become transformed.

The Solution?
Your mind wants something but your brain does not know how to get it. It is comfortable with the familiar. First understand that what you know is not enough and submit yourself to learning.
1. Repeatedly Expose your Brain to knowledge,
2. repeatedly practice that financial /mental/physical discipline till it becomes a habit,
3. repeatedly talk to your mind “be calming down… I’ve got this…you can do this” when worry, self-doubt or anxiety or plain apathy creeps in. Control your mind and body and put it to work repeatedly till the discipline becomes familiar, it’s only a matter of time.

Internal Resistance busted!

Many people lose the battle from inside before external opposition even arises so they live lives unable to make the decision to live beyond survival, to dare to achieve, to start that big project or be consistent enough to see it through till the end because it is too painful too uncomfortable to push yourself.
Without mastering your internal opposition, you will be unable to build the muscle you need to face external resistance; you will be too weak and unprepared to face the challenge…Period
Surmount your internal resistance by supplying your mind with the adequate information and practice it needs to build familiarity to discomfort, through study and observation, incidence-ing for you mind to believe the possibility (physically experiencing the things you want to achieve e.g. test drive the best car you dream of owning) and practice.
Once you have conquered the battle of mastering yourself, which is by the way the biggest opposition of all, the process of change will elicit resistance from outside (external opposition) because your change will make someone else uncomfortable…

For every external opposition that feels insurmountable, is an indication that you need to do more work on the inside, as you become better and stronger, the obstacle becomes easier.
Oppositions are designed to make you become uncomfortable with what you already know or have, to enable you to push further to learn more and do more. Once it becomes easy, aim for the next level.
90% of what you know is not enough to take you from where you are, to where you need to be. And this is why oppositions exist. To prosper, you must be able to cut through any opposition and rise to the finest expression of that which you’re made of.