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Stop looking for “Financial Freedom” instead…

We often misunderstand the meaning of financial freedom for very obvious reasons…we adopt functional definition of a thing which is mostly public opinion and many of us have not taken the time to find out what they really mean.

Financial freedom is simply the freedom to make your own money…

You learn a skill/profession and gets a job or join an MLM company and make money, in both cases you have financial freedom because nobody is stopping you from making money, you have the qualities and ability to produce in the market place so you make money… You have financial freedom.

However, financial freedom is not stable. In financial freedom you’re still dependent on a job/system created by someone else.

Anyone that controls the source of your income controls your financial freedom.

If anything happens to that company – whether you work there as an employee, a distributor (network marketing) or an investor your money is working for you in the company)- your freedom is gone until you can secure another job/platform, therefore, you only have financial freedom as long as that business outfit stands.

In investment, financial freedom is when you invest in someone else’s business but you’re not in control of the business. I see people talk about investment, yes, it’s good, but if you’re not the one in control of the businesses that produce the money, then you’re going to be systematically controlled.

So here is the thing, You’re free… but you’re still dependent…

Alternatively, is Financial Independence… in financial Independence you own the factors of production that creates your finances. (more on that later)

There are 2 types of freedom in wealth creation: Financial freedom and Economic freedom.

What you should look for instead is ECONOMIC FREEDOM. Economic freedom comes from your capacity to think, initiate ideas, develop the discipline to transform those ideas into products/service and then deploy it into the system to get finance.

What table are you playing on? Financial freedom or economic freedom.

Much love